Ural State University of Railway Transport

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General Information

In October 1996 the first Peace Corps volunteers (Peace Corps USA) came to USURT. These were Karla Sanchez and John Timoti. They founded J&K Club. It was a free-will society of English language lovers. Four times during the academic year all club members gathered to celebrate Halloween, Christmas, St. Valentine Day and the End of Year Party.

Traditionally all evening programs were based on the language and cultural communication. It was a good practice of language skills obtained at the academic lessons. Club organized different subject meetings; students watched films in English and discussed them. Club members celebrated their birthdays. There were the evenings of Russian, American and English songs, city walks and picnics.

In total from 1996 10 Peace Corps volunteers worked in USURT. They taught English Language, International Law and some other economic disciplines on the Economic Faculty.