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The Urals

The Ural Mountains (also known as the Urals) are a mountain range that runs roughly north and south through western Russia. The mountains stretch for 2,000 km north to south and are the geographical barrier between Europe and the vast lands of Siberia. The mountains are also the natural boundary between Europe and Asia. But don't call the locals "Siberians " - they might be offended. In Russia this region has a peculiar name - the Urals.

The Urals are among the world's oldest extant mountain ranges. For its age of 300 until 250 million years, the mountains are yet unusually high. The highest peak is 1,895 m.

The Urals is the meeting point of two continents, Europe and Asia, north and south, forests and steppes, and also the meeting point of different cultures. All of these factors create a splendid experience for anyone traveling or living in the area.

The region is famous for its landscape and nature. Wild forests, green hills and valleys, lakes and moors : everyone can find a place to enjoy. The forests are a good place for berry and mushroom picking, wild boar and bear hunting, rest and meditation. The Chusovaja River flows through the region - it is famous for its fast current, beautiful bends and trout. The river attracts not only fishermen and canoe lovers, but also those who need the calm and wonderful views as well.