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Russian as a Foreign Language

About us

Preparatory program will organize pre-university training of foreign citizens according to additional educational programs in Russian for further training in higher educational institutions of Russia. Special attention is paid to the following types of speech activity: speaking, perception of information aurally, written language, vocabulary expansion, Russian grammar and phonetics. Throughout the training students get acquainted with cultural and linguistic backgrounds and customs and traditions in Russia. Students have full support from our curators and volunteers.

On the preparatory program students have studied from France, China, Mongolia, Cuba, Nigeria, Macedonia and South Korea. Highly skilled teachers help foreign students to start talking in Russian in short terms. Weekly our volunteers give classes for students during which they learn new things about culture and history of Russia and also give competitions and different master classes.


Students live in the dormitory with the Russian students and they have an excellent chance to practice Russian and get new friends.

The cost of living in the dormitory is 700 rubles a month.

Cost and terms of training

Reception of applications and registration on the preparatory program continues all year round.

Training term: 10 months (from September 1 to June 30).

Training cost: 160.000 rubles.

Contact information

Ural State University of Railway Transport
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Ph: +7 (343) 221-24-86


International Department: international@usurt.ru   

Chang Hao (Director of the Russian-Chinese institute): HChan@usurt.ru