Study at USURT

Ural State University of Railway Transport

Личный кабинет студента
и преподавателя

General Information

Dean of the faculty: Yuri V. Gorelov, PhD in Engineering., Associate Professor 
Phone number: +7 (343) 221-24-19

Deputy Dean for academic affairs: Tatiana N. Tkacheva 

Deputy Dean for educational work: Nadezhda V. Ushakova 

Brief information about the faculty

Building Faculty of the University is the only training center for railway engineers - construction engineers for the transport region of Urals Sverdlovsk, South Urals and Gorky Railways, industrial enterprises and cities (metro, tram), transport construction companies. Since 1962 engineers have been trained in discipline: "Construction of railways, railway track and track facilities" to be engaged in design and survey, engineering design, organization and management, production and technology, research and scientific and educational activities. Since 1975 engineers have been trained in discipline: "Industrial and civil construction" for enterprises of railway transport and construction industry of the Urals, and since 2002 - in discipline "Bridges and Transport Tunnels." 

Since 2011, the Faculty offers the following Bachelor's and Specialist's Programmes under the new federal higher educational standard VPO: 

Specialist Program

  23.05.06 Construction of Railways, bridges and transport tunnels

Bachelor's Program

  08.03.01 Construction

Master's degree Program

  08.04.01 Construction

Postgraduate Study

  23.06.01 Methods and technology of land transport

Departments of the Faculty

Railway Construction and Railway Track Department

Head: Gennady L. Ackerman, DSc in Engineering, Professor

Phone number: +7 (343) 221-24-13


Bridges and Transport Tunnels Department

Head: Alexander S. Demidov, Associate Professor

Phone number: +7 (343) 221-24-33


Engineer construction and Construction Operations Department

Head : Leonid B. Gilev, Associate Professor

Phone number: +7 (343) 221-24-34